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I have programs for all skill level of players. Adults, juniors, seniors, couples and group packages. Check out the lessons page. Join the fun.




 Welcome to golf mentality, where we explore mental attitude and how it affects physical abilities.

Trying too Hard?   Thinking too much?

 Have you heard it? Keep your head down, left arm strait etc. etc. I believe the golf swing is a process of feel, felt, found.  Don't get me wrong there is a definate physical motion needed in the golf swing, but we are so hung up on having the perfect looking swing we forget about our god given talent.  Letting your body tell you what type of golf motion is yours.  Swinging the club freely and with a rhythmic motion.

That is our goal to unlock your inside ablilties and put it into a golf swing.

My passion is to help people have more fun and enjoy the game we call golf.  


   Take Dead Aim  -- Harvey Penick

 Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum." --Tom Watson



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